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My smiling elixirs of life...

We are a small samoyed kennel located in Hungary.
At the moment I have four samoyeds: Faith, Bahar, Zelena and Rodin.
My first samoyed was
Seideburgi Kurgan "Ali". He is arrived to us in 11th of January 2004. This is the date when my fate is totally enchained with the samoyeds. My dream come true when I got him, my first dog, my wish breed. Ali lived in our kennel like a happy hobby male, never used in breeding or shows, but he made my forever love with this fantastic breed. Unfortunately we lost him in february 2016 at the age of 12,5. We will never forget him!

At the autumn of 2009 I got our officially FCI kennel name: SNOWY SABAKA

I searched a kennel name with a russian word, which refer to the origin of the samoyed breed. The "sabaka" means "dog", and the "snowy" is associates to the winter and the samoyeds beautiful coat.

In the year of 2011 a girl joined next to Ali and into our home.  She is Jewel Of Merci Vidnavská záre "Zelena" from the czech Vindavská záre kennels. Thank you to breeder Renata Piskacisová  the trust and all of her support during the hard times...

The destiny writes new chapter of us, because we can't use Zelena in our breeding program (more infos on Zelena's personal page). We was very sad and broken, but never give up our faith.

In 2013 a new year began, new hope, new plans. A little girl arrived to our kennel, she is Remember Me Of Severnaya-sam "Faith". I think not important to speak about her call name, this word says everything what I feels. I would like to say a big thank you again to Éva & Gyula Kámán, Severnaya-sam kennels!

Faith gives me a little girl from her first & last litter. It was no doubt, that I kept her or not. This is the way, when our pack grown again with one real personality, called Bahar (Snowy Sabaka And I Remember)...

The year 2019 gives us a new boy, Rodin (Timur Rodin Vidnavská Záre) from the Czech Vidnavská Záre kennel.
We are very happy to have this big "bearhead" in our family. <3

For us the most important our dogs health. We are trying to give the best to them in everything. We are always have only as many dogs we can handle and totally care. I always planning litter when my breeding aim is make it possible. Our breeding philosophy is the quality & health with typical, huggable samoyed temperament.

Kármen Horváth

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